Full disclosure – I did not see any of the Fast & Furious movies. Well, okay – I saw the first one recently, but since there are a gazillion – I am still way behind and did not know background about the two stars of the spinoff: Hobbs & Shaw. It did not affect my enjoyment – they catch you up quick enough. Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Shaw (Jason Statham) are two guys VERY good at what they do but very different from each other. They are each asked to save the world from a deadly virus. Their “big bad” is in the form of an evil organization and a self-proclaimed “Black Superman” (the very gorgeous Idris Elba) who is indeed a super man. Along the way, there is unbelievable action in London, Russia, and Samoa Island; non-stop trash talk, great fight scenes, funny cameos, a glimpse of Dwayne Johnson’s cheat meals and surprisingly, very little profanity or nudity. I would not say it’s a family movie, but there are some great family moments as both heroes make amends with their families as a side note to saving the world. I liked the fact that this genre allows the females in the movie to be sexy, smart, and able to throat punch while keeping hair and make-up intact. The movie made me laugh, really want to buy an off-terrain vehicle, and work out more! It is a fun movie – with plenty of set-up for future movies. My friends will tell you, I am obsessed with Dwayne Johnson (and his cheat meals), so I am all for that!

Rate: Ticket – Definitely see this one in the theater – some of the action scenes (and Idris Alba) just need to be seen on the big screen!