In the mid-2000s, this show was one of my favorite binges! Veronica Mars was tiny but fearless with witty banter and a determined work ethic. That hasn’t changed. Now a grown-up, her rapid-fire, pop-culture one-liners with her dad, Keith Mars, her sexy love-life and a good “who done it” made the 8 episodes fly by on our rainy afternoon binge. This year’s mystery was a serial bomber/terrorist with PLENTY of new suspects to go around – a cool cat from prison, a feisty night club owner, a congressman, a real estate tycoon, a young girl who lost her dad in the explosion, frat boys, on and on … true to Veronica Mars style – everyone seems plausible at one time or another. It was great to see the old characters sprinkled in – Wallace – now a dad, Vinny Van Lowe – their rival PI, Cliff – ambulance chasing lawyer, Weevil – back to being a thug and a bit heavy-set, Dick – forever Frat boy, Casablancas and Logan (looking pretty dang hot) – Veronica’s most epic love. I won’t spoil it, but Veronica and her dad find out who did it but it – as always – comes with a heavy, heavy price for our small but mighty heroine. Like all shows that have a cult-following, I enjoyed every moment of this and kept thinking “man, I am gonna use that line on someone!” … until they ripped my heart out! Rob Thomas is a great writer. Not as great as Joss Whedon, but he comes pretty close. I hope that Hulu (who gave their other shows more than one shameless plug on a few of these episodes) makes more Veronica Mars mysteries, but they definitely finished a big chapter if they do not.

Rate: Binge it! This is so binge-worthy, it’s what we mean when we say binge-worthy!