Of all the CW “hero” shows – this one is super light-hearted. Kind of the American version of trying to capture some Doctor Who audience between Doctor Who seasons (‘cause c’mon – Doctor Who is an essential!). Even their theme song sounds Doctor-ish and they change up the Legends team from season to season! Anyway, this season was especially fun because not only do they still time travel (the 60’s, Jane Austen period, 70’s, 40’s, Salem witch trial periods, etc.) but the Legends (as they are called) unwittingly unleashed “magical creatures” that are now messing with the timeline. Enter Constantine (the TV version who is British and not the Keanu Reeves version who is heavenly) the brooding, trench-coat chain smoker who joins the Legends to send any evil back to hell. Surprising bad – magical creatures: Fairy Godmother and Unicorns. Surprising good – Minotaurs and Ogres. Mix in their romantic relationships (it’s still CW) and their friendships with each other with some GOOFY characters from the Time Bureau and it is just fun. I especially like when they poke fun at themselves: “magical creatures should help with our ratings. You know, the Time Bureau gives out ratings … “

Rate: Binge it and re-think how you feel about Unicorns!

Binge food: Carnival Food – because it’s just fun and sweet and there is a big theme park involved in this year’s season.