Channel: Netflix

I loved this light-hearted, little show! Did you ever wish, when you were watching “Gilmore Girls”, that they would show more of Lane Kim’s family life? If so – you will like this one even more because no one is mean like the Gilmore Girl’s family. Set in Canada (although you forget that until they mention types of money or call the water bill “hydro”), the show is centered around the Kim family: Abba (Daddy) Kim – who is hard-working, funny, and dislikes Japan; Yuma (Mama) Kim – who is very sweet, church-going, and over-concerned about her family; Jung Kim the elder child, who is cute, fun-loving, not on speaking terms (yet) with his father while trying to make a better grown-up life for himself after hijinks in his youth; and Janet – the 20 year old daughter who is balancing the life of a young Canadian art student while still being a “good” daughter. All but Jung work at the convenience store and I get the most laughs from Abba and the family’s side characters: other local merchants/repeat customers; Kimchee – Jung’s childhood friend now coworker/roommate; Shannon, Jung’s manager who secretly crushes on Jung and talks like Schmidt from New Girl; and Gerald, Janet’s goofy best friend. The show is cute, funny, sweet and – at times – makes me cry with family sweetness. There are three seasons already on Netflix, each one gets a little bit better and according to Google, they are still making more. With several stories going for each character and only 21 minutes long each – it is a nice binge. It is comparable to Modern Family that way … if they were Korean, church-going, and living in Canada.

The Council Rules: Binge it – and have Google handy to look up words and Korean history!
Binge food: A wide array of convenience store snacks — but get two drinks so no one judges you!