This show always gets me ready and pumped for football season. Also, it motivates me to work out. Here are these young men working hard towards their one common dream. Some may make it, many will not. Their perseverance is an attribute to their dedication. With that said, we have to keep in mind these are real people at a real school dealing with life. People make mistakes and this whole show is all about a second chance… a last chance. You love when they love, and you hurt when they hurt. You feel for these kids and their difficult backgrounds and you cheer on every accomplishment they make. This fourth season is not short of both triumph and drama. If you are a football fan, this is the show for you. Will Independence Community College continue to win? Let’s see…

Side Note: I just saw that Ollie from season one signed with the Raiders! See what I mean about watching their journey? This just made my heart happy. What’s your dream?

Rate: Binge it and get ready for NFL to kickoff soon!

Binge Food: Half of me says to eat nothing at all and encourages you to go on the treadmill while you watch and the other half of me says forget that and grab you a plate of tailgating food! You decide which option to go with. I myself have done both.