This book reminds me of The Walking Dead minus the zombies. It starts with terrorists attacking the electricity and fuel in the United States. Since most people do not plan (or what is called “prep”), they are left desperate for food and resources. Desperate times always lead to desperate measures and morals change for the citizens who will do anything to keep their family alive. Jim (the main character) and his coworkers are away at a business conference when all hell breaks loose. With no fuel and no means of transportation anymore, they must figure out a way to get home to their families. Their families are also trying to figure out a way to make it in this “new world” and must deal with their share of problems too. Will the whole team make it home? When it comes to you getting home, are you willing to kill for it? Check this story out and try to put yourself in their position. What would you do?

The Council decrees: Read this book and the whole series immediately! It may change how you travel or even how you think!

Side note: The author has his personal email address on his website and will even reply to you if you send him a message!