This book made me feel glutinous in a fun way! In Kevin Kwan’s book, Nicolas Young takes his girlfriend Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet his family, and we the reader get a glimpse into the almost unbelievable world of the extremely, rich Asian elite. It is a luxurious lifestyle that goes beyond even my “fantasy” sites that I follow. They take EVERYTHING to the most lavish extreme – food, clothing, cars, art, travel, real estate and accessories. The author describes each item in so much detail that the mind reels as you do the math on how one day in the life of these characters is your annual salary!

The love story is sweet. The description of the travel is entertaining. The gossip of the Asian elite is fun. The description of the good is drool-worthy. What is best about these books is you get to live vicariously through what they are doing while still being happy with your simple life of a good book by the fire and Chinese takeout.