I read a lot of reviews that said this wasn’t a good movie, but I decided I wanted to see for myself and I am glad I did. While Chadwick Boseman does not have the same physique he had in Black Panther (he definitely could stand to eat a burger or five), I thought he played the role very well. His character follows in his late father’s footsteps of being a detective in New York City. Trying to find the suspects in a drug move/officer killing tragic event, Chadwick (sorry can’t remember his character name) finds that things are not always as them seem…as we know from many movies. Lol. Will the detective uncover the real story behind what happened or will the criminals get away with it? Who can you trust? You will have to watch to find out.

The Council decrees: Watch this movie! It would make a good movie night at the house. Wait for it to come to RedBox or streaming. It’s good… but not quite good enough to pay $10+ per person to see.