Network: HBO

This movie was cute. What I loved:  a movie with Rebel Wilson in it, although I think she was funnier when she got to be the wacky friend. That is what you sacrifice when you become the leading lady in a Romantic Comedy though!  That is, in fact, the point of the movie, to poke fun at Romantic Comedies.  We start with a normal girl, at a normal weight, living in an ugly NYC apartment that she can afford on her architect (of parking garages) salary.  She goes into GREAT detail to her best friend about everything she HATES about romantic comedies and the false ideas they give to women then bam!  She hits her head and wakes up – very reluctantly – IN a romantic comedy.  Suddenly, she wakes up with her hair and make-up done and she is able to get a Hemsworth to fall for her!  (It is Liam, not Chris – but still … one of the cute ones!) Her crappy neighborhood is replaced with flowers and bake shops.  There are meet-cutes and improved karaoke numbers where everyone inexplicably knows the words and choreography.  Rebel herself keeps asking, “how did I suddenly get so clumsy and start tripping on everything?” which all the men in the movie find adorable.  Rebel realizes that the only way to get out of the situation is to give in and fall in love, but to my delight – she falls in love with herself the most and still ends up with a great romantic comedy ending.

This won’t win any big awards, but it is a sweet message to remember – loving yourself is just as epic as romantic love!


The Council decrees: See it if you like to see ANY Hemsworth shirtless and if you love romantic comedies – even while they are making fun of romantic comedies!